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no distractionsA new study of three hundred drivers over 2 years proves that most accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. It seems that drivers are distracted by a host of electronic accessories including the PDA, radio, TV, smart phone, etc. Death, injuries, and escalating medical insurance are the result of DISTRACTIONS.
God created the perfect environment, created man, and then gave him dominion over it. All he had to do was maintain his relationship with his creator and obey His instructions. That seemed simple enough. God gave man free access to everything except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He never had to be concerned about anything because he was protected by and provided for by God Himself. His relationship with God was his only concern and he functioned as a spiritual man. His choice to disobey God led to a life controlled by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. I order to satisfy these human desires Satan provided the ultimate distraction…the world. Now, every man struggles with four enemies on his way to either hell or salvation…Satan, the world, self, and religion. All of these distractions keep us from reconciling with God and maintaining the primary relationship necessary for all other relationships. Life without Jesus is a distraction and a lie.
The life of a child of God is full of distractions. We focus on survival rather than life. We are more focused on self than on service. Prosperity is more desirable than prayer. We would rather have more credit and less Christ. Trials and tribulations become more of a distraction than a means of experiencing God’s grace and a lesson in persevering. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus (the Word) and expand the kingdom of light.
Pastor Alex Bess

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