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• Mt. 4:18-20 (total submission)
• John 10:22-27 (know His voice)
• Mt. 10:38 (obedience)
follow-me_titleNew interns are given the assignment of shadowing a doctor for a period of time for the purpose of learning how to apply what they have learned to practical situations. The interns follow the seasoned professional on his/her rounds and receives instructions, guidance, encouragement, and correction. They are expected to combine book knowledge with practice to develop a lifestyle of service that will benefit the world. That accomplishment has much to do with not only the intern’s willingness to serve and attitude of submission, but on the skills and dedication of the person they followed during their internship. (Discipleship)
We learn to lead by learning how to follow. Here is the problem with leaders. They usually lead according to who they are and not who they were ordained to be. God’s gift of freewill is a primary factor in not only man’s loss of identity but in his decision to choose his own destiny. Who we are is a product of the influence of the world on our lives. Who we are designed to be can only be realized and accomplished via an acceptance of the sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus and a total submission to the fellowship and followship of the Holy Spirit.
When choosing disciples for His ministry of reconciliation Jesus’ only request was “come, follow me.” (Mt. 4:18-20). The revelation of Jesus requires an immediate response.
• What was it about Jesus that drew their attention?
• What was it about them that drew His attention?
• The call has only one proper response…immediate obedience.

Pastor Alex Bess

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