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We Believe:

God was in Jesus Christ reconciling fallen mankind to Himself. He would be their Father and they would be His children. Jesus was given authority as King of heaven and earth to establish a kingdom. Everyone rescued from the fall would come under his rule.  Jesus came to earth as a man to save men from sin and to teach all in His kingdom how to live in the earth as a nation of kings and Priests. To that end He sent the Holy Spirit to fully enable this way of life. The glory of Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father would be revealed through those who live in this manner, giving purpose and hope to the world.

We believe that the transformation of society is accomplished one soul at a time via the personal decision to allow the life of Christ to manifest itself by the power of the Holy Spirit through an obedient response to the Word of God. Our vision is to fulfill “the Great Commission” by being a catalyst for the church to be about the progressive process of transformation and not just “church business.”  We believe that the answer to EVERY challenge can only come from Almighty God via the Word of God and the body of Christ. To that end we are:

“Changing community life by changing lives in the community.”

Our single goal is: “To be about our Father’s business.”

Alex Bess

Founder of Dominion Ministries


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